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Sheffield Nightline

Nightline is a telephone, email, and Instant Messenger service that exists to provide a confidential and anonymous listening and information service to all students. It is run by trained student volunteers.

Opening times:

Our phone lines are open from 8pm to 8am every day during term time. Our Instant messenger service is open from 8pm to midnight every day during term time. Our E-Listening service is open 24/7 365 days a year – we aim to respond within 48 hours.

Our Mission:

We strive to deliver non-judgemental support and information to students across Sheffield at night when other services on campus may be closed.

Our Principles

We are confidential, non-directive, non-judgemental and anonymous.

These are the values and beliefs that underpin our service.

  • Confidential Calls to Nightline are confidential: we will not disclose anything discussed in your call to anyone outside the service1
  • Non-directive We will not aim to steer you towards any particular course of action or try and get you to think about your situation in any way
  • Non-judgemental We have no political, religious, ethnic, cultural, political or moral bias. We will not criticise or judge you for anything you’ve done
  • Anonymous Callers1 remain anonymous – we won’t even ask you for your name. Our volunteers are also anonymous, we do this so volunteers only represent Nightline when on duty and when not they are just another student. There are exceptions to this rule with our Public Faces and Street Team volunteers.

1Under certain exceptional circumstances we may break this policy please view our Privacy Notice / Confidentiality Policy for further information

Our History

Sheffield Nightline has provided support to students from The University of Sheffield since 1973. In 2005 we branched out to incorporate Sheffield Hallam University. We now provide support to students across both universities.

Sheffield Nightline is run day-to-day by its committee alongside trained student volunteers from Sheffield Hallam and The University of Sheffield who help run the service.

Sheffield Nightline is overseen by The University of Sheffield Students’ Union, run in partnership with Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union, and is an affiliate member of the National Nightline Association.

For all other enquiries please email our admin account or head to our FAQ page