Please direct any volunteering enquires to [email protected]

Calltaking Volunteers

Next Recruitment: October 2019 – application form is here

Description: Calltaking volunteers are trained to answer the phones for both listening and information calls, and therefore learn to deal with a wide range of problems. There will also be the option to train in our E-listening, and our Instant Messaging services as well.

Commitment: New volunteers must attend a training weekend on 19th/20th of October. All volunteers must attend a weekly hour-long training session during term time, as well as carrying out five duties a semester, and two sessions assisting with publicity or training.

Requirements: Due to the number of applicants every year and the length of the training process, volunteer places are unfortunately not guaranteed to all applicants. Prospective volunteers must attend an Intro Meeting and fill out a form as part of the selection process. Application is open to all students except those in their final year of study in Sheffield (this includes Master students who only have a year left of their course), as the training process is lengthy. We wish to encourage and support volunteers to be the best call takers they can be, as well as providing those who use our services with capable and experienced volunteers.