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Calltaking Volunteers

Sheffield Nightline is a student-run listening and information service.

  • To apply to become a calltaker you must meet the following eligibility criteria.

We want enthusiastic, dedicated and empathetic students to join our call taking team! If you’re a good listener who can work well with other students and have a high standard of written and oral English, we’d love for you to apply to volunteer with us.

Applicants must be current students or students who are starting their studies at The University of Sheffield or Sheffield Hallam University. We are unable to accept those in their final year of study, as the training process is lengthy, with the exception of if you are progressing onto another course in Sheffield e.g. a master’s course.

Nightline provides full training for all our volunteers to ensure our calltakers feel confident and prepared to take calls. Volunteers are trained to handle a variety of different situations and scenarios.

Calltaking volunteers are trained to answer calls for both listening and information and therefore learn to deal with a wide range of situations. Volunteers are trained to operate our Phones, E-listening and Instant Messaging services. Training occurs on a weekly basis to ensure a high standard of service, and full support is given to ensure all volunteers feel confident and prepared to take calls.

Nightline volunteers also gain valuable skills and personal development, such as active listening techniques, empathy and how to deal with difficult situations quickly. Volunteers also have the opportunity to extend responsibilities by becoming a member of the Nightline Committee.

Please carefully consider if you are able to commit to Nightline as it is important for us to take on reliable and committed volunteers.

All new volunteers must:

  • Attend a training weekend detailed in the form.

All volunteers must also:

  • Sign up to at least five shifts per semester
  • Attend a compulsory hour-long weekly training session on Wednesdays during term-time from 19:30-20:30
  • Help out with two other small events across the year

Application Process

All volunteers are selected through a process designed to test your motivations to join Nightline and your fit against our core principles. You can find details of the application below.

Application Form: We will ask you to submit your personal details and answer 4 questions that are designed to assess your motivations to join Nightline. We strongly encourage you to read the information on our website and to take your time before submitting your application.

Intro meeting: Your application will then be shortlisted and assessed. Successful candidates will be invited to one of our introductory meetings that will take place at The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University – successful applicants can attend either venue regardless of their uni. Dates and locations will be confirmed later in advance to the day.

Next step: Successful applicants will then be offered a place on our training weekend.

Apply Now

We welcome applications from students from Sheffield Hallam University and The University of Sheffield. However, as our training process takes time, we cannot accept any applicants in their final year of study (unless you are progressing onto another course in Sheffield) – this includes those currently studying a master’s course.

If you are interested in becoming a calltaking volunteer and meet our requirements please register your interest or apply below!

Due to the number of applicants every year and the length of the training process, volunteer places are unfortunately not guaranteed to all applicants. We wish to encourage and support volunteers to be the best call takers they can be, as well as providing those who use our services with capable and experienced volunteers.

If you have any further questions, please direct any volunteering enquiries to our admin account.